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Heating & Cooling FAQ

  • HVAC lifespan?

    A well maintained HVAC system can run efficiently for 12-15 years and a furnace for 15-25 years. If you have an older system in your home that has required many repairs recently, consider upgrading to a new system.

  • Why to replace HVAC?

    An HVAC unit may run for many years past the recommended replacement date. However, for a lot of those years it will probably run well below its rated EER. Which means it is running inefficiently and costing you extra money every year.

  • Replace HVAC system at once?

    If your condenser, furnace and ducting are all old it is better to replace them all at once. You won`t reap as much benefits (better airflow, higher efficiency, etc.) upgrading only part of your system to a new system.

  • How to save money on HVAC repairs?

    • Regularly replace your HVAC filters
    • Have your HVAC regularly maintained
    • Keep the area around your condenser clean to prevent any damage to the system
    • Seal any leaks around windows or doors to prevent your ac from overworking
    • Hire an HVAC professional you can trust

Healthcare in Details: How to Select the Best AC Cooling Services

Person’s health and well-being are largely determined by the conditions of the microclimate and air environment in residential and public areas where he or she spends a lot of time. Just remember that an individual may consume around fifteen kilograms of air per day.

In this perspective, premium-quality air conditioning and heating service is a guarantee fresh and pure “breezing materials” will be achieved. To provide air comfort, engineering solutions have to present the best offers and deals at affordable prices to make sure as many people will be maintained as possible.

Heating system repair, plumbing and heating services, central air services, and air conditioning check-up — it is hard to imagine an average person can cope with these divergent tasks alone.

Of course, a knowledge background will help you not to be fooled by marketing and advertising campaigns and to select what is necessary in your particular case. Eager to find the best AC HVAC company in Philadelphia? Stay tuned to reveal the secrets and find out a dream solution!

What Is an Average Lifespan of Air Cooling Services’ Units?

Such engines are expected to last up to twenty years. However, a lot depends on the maintenance and original state of quality. If you are satisfied with the system’s performance in the long run, you can go for a well-thought-out care routine to make sure the equipment is protected.

The very first thing to do is to change filters on a regular basis. The term may vary, but it is within one-three-month frame. Besides, consumers can get seasonal home AC tune-up services. Don’t be afraid to repair or replace some elements if necessary. In this way, you will prevent the machine from overloading and damaging.

Air Conditioning Unit Failure: Not-to-miss Signs

Without a doubt, it is always easier to maintain the current system and repair it. However, if you really desire to keep your eyes on the ball, you just can’t but bear in mind the following suspicious signs to arrange air conditioner check-up:

  • Lack of cool air — of course, that is one of the most obvious reasons to test whether all the elements of your system are functional. The problem mentioned may be caused by non-working compressors or low refrigerant levels.
  • Unpleasant smell — strong foul odors may signal that there are issues with wire insulation.
  • High utility bills — believe it or not, there are numerous models designed to minimize energy consumption and conserve power to avoid the waste of resources. If you see the bills become higher and higher, don’t hesitate to check how efficient your system is.
  • Weird sounds — it is easy to notice if the silent mode operation has turned out to become noisy. Grinding or squealing sounds may mean that there are inner breaks or damages in the air conditioning and heating service equipment.

AL Group HVAC Offer: AC Tune-up Services

Several customers are more focused on cost benefits when selecting the best deal offer on the market. In Philadelphia, there are a lot of competitive brands with different price tags. If you give your preference to price discounts only, don’t be surprised to face expensive troubleshooting in the future.

The brand’s reputation is a key answer. The low price isn’t an indicator of low quality, but if you don’t check customers’ feedback and select the very first company, you may wait for days (when not weeks) for your contractor to show up and fix the problem.

Unlike other counterparts, AL Group HVAC provides multifunctional AC heating service. What does it mean? The answer is as simple as ABC: apart from offering durable and efficient equipment, the company under consideration will guide their consumers all the way through installation, customization, and repair, if necessary.

Here are some of the services to highlight:

  • Repair and installation — the purchase of the right systems is far from what can be called half the battle. Other than this, among the most essential considerations, there are proper care and correct installation. The company under analysis is always ready to face any issues instead of you and offer the best customer experience. As it has been already mentioned, AL Group HVAC is always there when your heating and AC service equipment requires maintenance.
  • AC & heating replacement — if you would like to improve your heating and cooling conditions at the place you work or/and live, it is a high time to alter the outdated system for a new but adjustable and efficient one.
  • Ductwork — apart from modifying the AC system itself, the brand is happy to offer one more beneficial service to maintain the overall system’s functionality and efficiency. With the renovation of the duct work at your area, you will be able to improve the quality of air at the place where such equipment is installed.

Wrap It Up

To cooperate with a leading service provider in the field is a great opportunity to arrange such a complicated process as AC repair/installation/replacement without a hassle. Feel free to join AL Group HVAC family to improve your customers’ experience!