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Ductwork HVAC services in Philadelphia, PA

If you spend a lot of money on heating and cooling costs, then it may be time to modify the ductwork or ventilation system of the house. Air ducts are ventilation holes and ducts that run through the entire house and can bring hot and cold air to every room in the house. However, if your pipeline needs to be repaired, then your home`s HVAC system will need to work overtime.

Ductwork is the part of an air conditioning or heating system that distributes air throughout a building. It must be installed correctly to ensure optimal airflow, making it especially important for commercial buildings with multiple rooms.

Duct installation involves cutting custom-sized pieces of galvanized sheet metal and bending them into shape before welding them together at seams. This leaves the ducts susceptible to leaks over time, which can make your entire system less efficient.

As with any metal, over time the fittings that connect your ducts together will corrode if not properly maintained. Corroded or rusting pieces can break away and create holes anywhere in between two connections.

Air will escape through these holes, decreasing efficiency. Once this corrosion starts to occur, ongoing repairs are necessary to keep your system operating at full capacity.

When your old ducts are leaking air, it means the system is working harder to distribute less air. This can make your system wear out faster, and lead to a breakdown of other parts of the system. What’s worse, these leaks often go unnoticed until they become pretty big. That’s why routine inspection by your contractor is so important – you’ll be able to catch them before they’re too serious.

If you have pipes that are rusted or corroded, now might be the right time to replace them with new ones before major problems develop further down in your facility’s ventilation system.

Anytime your system is operating less efficiently, it’s time to take a good look at the ducts themselves. Having them inspected by an experienced professional is critical before deciding whether to replace, repair, or seal cracks in ductwork.

This inspection will include checking for damaged insulation, loose seams, and any evidence of rusting or corrosion. If any of these problems are found, you can be sure that they’ll recommend repairs to maintain the best conditions for your office staff and business operations.

One of the ways you can know whether your air ducts need to be repaired is through a thorough inspection from a certified professional. A contractor for HVAC repair who specializes in air ductwork will have years of training and experience inspecting the equipment and more importantly, understanding how they work together. The inspector should be able to offer suggestions on what, if any repairs are needed to maximize the efficiency of your ventilation system.

If there are small pinhole leaks or hairline cracks in your metal ductwork (duct sizes vary with different jobs), usually it’s okay to leave them alone because any minor leakage will not affect performance much. If they’re leaking significantly more than usual, it’s time to have them repaired. Replacing the ducts altogether is a way to ensure that your ventilation system is operating at maximum capacity.

There are four critical factors in deciding whether the repairs will cost you less than replacing the ducts: The age of your HVAC system, Whether you’re experiencing poor airflow performance from the ductwork, How much insulation is missing from the system, and How often you use your cooling or heating systems.

If there has been little to no maintenance on any part of your HVAC unit for years, investing in new air ducts for installation might be cheaper in long-term costs when considering labor and material costs for repairs.


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Heating & Cooling FAQ

A well maintained HVAC system can run efficiently for 12-15 years and a furnace for 15-25 years. If you have an older system in your home that has required many repairs recently, consider upgrading to a new system.

An HVAC unit may run for many years past the recommended replacement date. However, for a lot of those years it will probably run well below its rated EER. Which means it is running inefficiently and costing you extra money every year.

If your condenser, furnace and ducting are all old it is better to replace them all at once. You won`t reap as much benefits (better airflow, higher efficiency, etc.) upgrading only part of your system to a new system.

  • Regularly replace your HVAC filters
  • Have your HVAC regularly maintained
  • Keep the area around your condenser clean to prevent any damage to the system
  • Seal any leaks around windows or doors to prevent your ac from overworking
  • Hire an HVAC professional you can trust