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Heating & Cooling FAQ

A well maintained HVAC system can run efficiently for 12-15 years and a furnace for 15-25 years. If you have an older system in your home that has required many repairs recently, consider upgrading to a new system.

An HVAC unit may run for many years past the recommended replacement date. However, for a lot of those years it will probably run well below its rated EER. Which means it is running inefficiently and costing you extra money every year.

If your condenser, furnace and ducting are all old it is better to replace them all at once. You won`t reap as much benefits (better airflow, higher efficiency, etc.) upgrading only part of your system to a new system.

  • Regularly replace your HVAC filters
  • Have your HVAC regularly maintained
  • Keep the area around your condenser clean to prevent any damage to the system
  • Seal any leaks around windows or doors to prevent your ac from overworking
  • Hire an HVAC professional you can trust

To HVAC or not to HVAC — Invest Once and Forever

The market of HVAC service companies is literally overflooded with a great number of home heating system repair and installation solutions. It may make the overall “shopping” a disaster.

While choosing the best offer today, it is highly essential to take into account several factors to make the founding meet your true objectives. On the one hand, customers have to bear in mind not only the cost offered by the brand, but its reputation in the industry, how well they can arrange the cooperation, etc. On the other hand, consumers can’t help but take into account the size of the system and the dimensions of their room/house/office. Besides, such parameters as heating requirements and features to look for are to be considered too.

Intrigued? Confused? If you would like to feel confident about such an important measure like the HVAC system, stay tuned to dive into the magnificent world of heating services in Philadelphia.


HVAC vs. AC: Heating or Cooling?

Terms like AC and HVAC seem to be confusing for numerous enthusiasts. However, they are not synonyms, so they can’t be interchangeable. While the HVAC abbreviation is used to define a more multicomponent phenomenon, the other one simply refers to air conditioning.

When you apply HVAC, please note you describe a system that includes elements for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. There are also vent-work mechanisms or ducts applied as well.

While AC is aimed at only cooling the place where it is installed, its more complex counterpart is designed to ventilate, cool, and heat your space.

According to recent research, heating solutions in your area make up more than forty percent of your energy usage bills. Without a doubt, the choice of functional heating and cooling solutions is more than a necessity. Which brand is it worth relying on? Keep on reading not to miss more essential data.

The Best Heating Companies near Me: Philadelphia Case

If you are not an expert in the field, it would be a mistake for you to develop the entire heating system on your own. This is one of those cases when specialists will perform duties better. Apart from complicated decision-making when selecting durable equipment, it is a challenge to install the system to save the suit of its functional benefits.

It is obvious that any room is designed to protect people from unpleasant weather conditions and nature phenomena. To make sure the cozy and convenient atmosphere isn’t a miracle for your house or office, heating and cooling furnaces and other essential elements from reputable heating & cooling companies are a must.

In Philadelphia, residents are welcome to select from a big number of brands with a long story in the industry. If you are searching for the best HVAC repair companies and most affordable heating services, AL Group HVAC is a lifesaver. With a lot of divergent offers for consumers, the company will be your assistant throughout the entire update or installation process.

Consumers are welcome to arrange an appointment with the brand’s representatives to consult. One of the crucial things any client will be able to achieve is the development of design documentation for the system’s implementation in your space.

The procedure involves the following stages:

  • Calculation of building heat loss — based on this value, experts will determine the amount of heat needed, taking into account the stable maintenance of the required temperature inside the premises.
  • Equipment selection — if you doubt whether you would like to achieve a heating repair or home AC tune-up, the support team will not let you be at quandary.
  • Equipment installation — depending on the HVAC type selected, the setup process may differentiate with some unique steps. To avoid any mistakes and make sure the system is adjusted and customized correctly, the company will do this work instead of and for you.


Of course, a lot depends on the manufacturer. If it is a reputable brand like AL Group HVAC, the equipment is tested and the technologies applied are improving all the time. In turn, this influences the lifespan positively — not less than twelve-fifteen years.

Some types can boast of bigger longevity. For instance, a furnace unit may last around twenty-five years. The regular care and repair will help you prolong the use term.

Decision-making will be successful only if you evaluate pros and cons seriously. The budget restrictions may influence the outcome. However, if ducting, condenser, and other elements installed are old and don’t function properly, it is better to upgrade your system to a new model.

If you do this process step by step, switching only part of your equipment, there is a risk elements won’t match, and the low performance rate will be reduced even more. Feel free to consult with specialists in Philadelphia like AL Group HVAC to avoid any troubles or engine’s damages.

Without a doubt, the whole replacement is a difficult challenge for any customer. If your current system isn’t too outdated, feel free to improve its efficiency and maintain its performance. Apart from repairing, well-thought-out care will help prolong the lifespan of your equipment. For instance, one of the things to do is to select new HVAC filters and replace yours.

Wrap It Up

Heating & cooling systems may become a huge challenge for customers, but there are several simple methods to make this decision-making a cup of tea. Don’t hesitate to go for reputable services — enjoy individual approach, best prices, and true care from AL Group HVAC.