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For dependable AC replacement and installation services in Newtown, AL Group HVAC is your go-to choice. Our HVAC contractors provide trustworthy and efficient service. With a track record of completing numerous installation projects in just one day, it’s no wonder we hold the top spot as Newtown’s leading HVAC company.

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Why Choose Our Newtown AC Installation Services

At AL Group HVAC, your satisfaction is paramount. As the preferred heating and cooling company in Newtown, we specialize in delivering exceptional customer service. Our AC replacement and installation services reflect our commitment to you. Here’s what you stand to gain by choosing us for your AC replacement:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Upgrading to a modern AC unit translates to substantial energy savings, resulting in lower monthly utility bills. We prioritize eco-friendly solutions to minimize energy waste.

Consistent Comfort: Our AC replacement and installation services guarantee improved cooling performance. Keep your indoor environment at the ideal temperature year-round.

Long-term Savings: Investing in our services not only brings immediate benefits. It also results in significant long-term financial savings. Reduced energy consumption and fewer repair expenses accumulate over the years. This leaves more money in your pocket for what matters.

Safety and Compliance: AC replacement involves many technical aspects, including electrical work and refrigerant handling. Have peace of mind knowing that our HVAC contractors are well-versed in industry safety standards. You can expect a secure and hassle-free installation of your AC unit.

Efficiency and Reliability: When you choose AL Group HVAC for your AC installation, you are not only assured of optimal performance but also a prolonged lifespan for your cooling system. Our professional installation techniques and attention to detail ensure that your unit operates at peak efficiency.


How long does an AC last? 

The longevity of an AC system is commonly estimated at 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance and high-quality installation can influence how long it effectively cools your space.

Is it more expensive to install AC in the summer?

While summer AC installation may see increased demand, it doesn’t necessarily mean higher expenses. If you’re concerned about a time frame, please feel free to contact us to explore your options.

Can I install my AC myself?

No, attempting to install your AC on your own is not advisable. AC systems are intricate, and improper installation can result in safety issues and reduced efficiency. It’s best to let our Newtown HVAC contractors take care of your installation for your peace of mind.

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Elevate the cooling in your Newtown home with a state-of-the-art AC system, professionally installed by the proficient heating and cooling professionals at AL Group HVAC. Don’t wait – get in touch with us today to schedule your AC installation or AC replacement appointment!


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