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Every winter, local homeowners turn to AL Group HVAC for gas boiler replacement and installation services in Fort Washington. If you’re tired of shivering through cold winters, our team of expert HVAC contractors is here to help. We’re dedicated to delivering efficient and cost-effective heating solutions, whether it involves upgrading your outdated boiler system or installing a brand-new one.

Join our satisfied customers and experience the reliability, energy-efficiency, and eco-friendliness of AL Group HVAC’s heating solutions.

Signs You Should to Replace Your Boiler in Fort Washington

Your Fort Washington home’s warmth relies on a well-functioning boiler. However, as boilers age, they may exhibit signs of wear and tear that compromise their efficiency. Identifying these indicators is essential for maintaining a cozy and efficient home.

Aging Boiler: If your boiler is inching closer to or surpassing 15-20 years of service, it’s likely approaching the end of its functional life. Older boilers tend to lose efficiency and become more susceptible to breakdowns, making replacement a wise choice for long-term comfort.

Higher Energy Bills: An older boiler can lose energy efficiency over time and lead to higher long-term costs. Upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient model can result in substantial savings.

Frequent Repairs: Are you scheduling boiler repairs more frequently than you’d prefer? The cumulative cost of repairs can be substantial, making boiler replacement in Fort Washington a cost-effective solution that provides reliability and peace of mind.

Uneven Heating: Uneven warmth throughout your home may be a sign that your boiler struggles to distribute heat evenly. Installing a new boiler can guarantee consistent comfort in every room.


How does a gas boiler work?

A gas boiler works by igniting natural gas in a combustion chamber, creating intense heat. This heat is then transferred to either water or steam through a heat exchanger. The resulting hot water or steam is distributed throughout a building via radiators, baseboard heaters, or underfloor systems.

Is it worth buying a new gas boiler?

Whether it’s worth buying a new gas boiler depends on several key factors. Start by assessing the age and condition of your existing boiler. If it’s nearing the end of its typical lifespan (around 15-20 years) or requires frequent repairs, upgrading to a new boiler can provide long-term benefits in terms of energy efficiency and reliability.

Are new gas boilers more energy efficient?

New gas boilers are recognized for their enhanced energy efficiency in comparison to older models. This is primarily due to advancements in boiler technology. Many contemporary gas boilers are designed as condensing boilers, which capture and utilize heat from the combustion process that older boilers would have wasted.

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